Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fall Finds #3

After running some errands I decided to jump in the river again.  I found a few bottles, but nothing of particular note.  A common Mt. Hope Dist Co. Providence, RI blob was almost a guaranteed double.  I was again surprised to see it was yet another variant!  The listed version has Registered embossed arching up on the shoulder, and this one has it embossed straight.  That’s variant #12!

The Keene Show is one that is at my outer limits of how far I’m willing to drive for a bottle show.  Last year was my first time there, and it was so fruitful I put it on my “must attend” list.  I got a few nice doubles this year, along with some sales.  The only newcomer was a nice G.P. Harvey & Co. Newport, RI squat soda.  The listed version has Geo. P. Harvey spelled out (just a little less abbreviated).  (Note: This might be RI-1085, but “squatty” is used to describe the shape, which seems to refer to a shorter neck and abrupt shoulder, as opposed to this sloping shoulder version).

Another extremely common RI deco soda is the ubiquitous Kerona.  I almost accidentally picked one up on a friend’s table, and was taken aback to see the embossing was one sided!  These usually have Kerona embossed on the front and back shoulder, but this one simply had a blank spot on one side.  It goes to show one should never assume!

Another fairly common RI medicine is marked D. & M. Co. Providence.  I got this one in a lot of RI bottles.  At 6” it was an unlisted size.

Another find from the “box lot” was a Scientific Improved Beef, Wine Iron Providence, RI.  These heavily embossed medicines show up semifrequently.  The subtle difference for this one was a missing comma after Providence.  

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