Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fall Finds #7

I recently asked a fellow digger if he could post some pictures of his extremely rare Parker’s Vegetable Bitters Cranston, RI.  Someone had found a pair of them digging in their basement.  They had damaged one in the process, which my friend owned.  I could hardly believe it when he posted pictures and said I could have it if I wanted it.  I was honored at the offer, and convinced him to accept a nice RI bottle in exchange for this exciting bottle.

On as slightly less exciting note, a new Warwick Bottling Works Arctic, RI version emerged.  This aqua ABM example has no slugplate.

Another familiar face was a Geo. B. Harris Centreville, RI.  This example had a period after Centerville and no period after the I in RI.

I was happy to finally get my second Caproni Bros. Co. Atwells Ave. Providence, RI whiskey.  I have a half pint, and this pint turned out to be an unlisted variant.  The listed version has two numbers for the address and does not have ‘1/2 pint” embossed.

A leftover at the river dump caught my eye before I left.  It was a J.C. Conley & Co. Phenix Rhode Island strap sided whiskey.  The base, slugplate, and top were intact, but pretty much everything else was missing.  The nasty stain didn't help either.  I was excited to discover that this was an unlisted quart size!  Despite digging 95% broken bottles at this spot, it was worth continuing in the hopes of finding something like this whole.

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