Thursday, April 23, 2015

Winter Finds #3

Welcome back faithful followers! A lot has happened since my last post. I moved from South Kingstown to Providence, RI. It's been fun adjusting to city life, and rest assured, I'm still finding plenty of bottles!

I have been going through a dry spell when it comes to new local bottles. A Watson's Pharmacy Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island jarred me out of a state of semi-awakeness when I saw it listed on ebay. I was friends with the seller, so he added a buy it now price to spare me the agony of waiting a week for the auction to end. It is my second size of this rare pharmacy bottle, and at 3-3/4” was an unlisted size!

My run of Davis Vegetable Pain Killer bottles is nearly complete. The iron pontil examples were proving hard for me to find, but I finally got a 6-3/4” iron pontiled example! These are much harder to find than the open pontiled examples.

Ah yes, here's another Otis Clapp & Son Incorporated! This 5-1/2” amber rectangle is my 44th Otis Clapp bottle. Looks like I'll be on track to hit 50 soon!

I should have more examples of the popular Dyer's Healing Embrocation Providence, RI. This 7-1/8” hinge mold example turned out to be unlisted.

I was quite surprised to see an Earnshaw Drug Company East Greenwich, RI medicine show up on ebay recently. The listed version is rare to begin with, and I have never seen this unlisted small (3-3/8”) style. It fills out my East Greenwich collection nicely!

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