Friday, October 23, 2015

Summer Finds #2

The month of July proved to be an exceptional one for new finds! For starters, I finally won a Harvey Mineral Water Works Newport, RI Codd soda! This is one of the rarest RI bottles known, and what makes it really special is that it is a variant of the damaged example I already have! It has patent dates on the base and heel, while the listed example only has the dates on the base.  It appeared in a recent Glassworks Auction, and thankfully I had a little cash tucked away for something like this.

An exceedingly rare whiskey also made a special appearance. The Best World Rye On Earth R.L. Rose Co. Providence, RI is the only RI whiskey with a ground screw cap. It is also one of the most ornately embossed RI bottles, featuring a globe on the front. Listed in a half pint size, this example is an unlisted pint!

Just when I thought that I had the only two possible examples, I came across another E. Jenckes squat soda! This one is smooth based with a block letter period after the E. The other smooth base one I have has a plain period. That makes three!

Small town sodas are among my most wanted RI bottles, and this Ashton Bottling Co. Ashton, RI was near the top of that list! Listed as a blob, this is an unusual short crown top version! You have to love surprises.

At the summer Brimfield show I picked up an American Oyster Co. Providence, RI pint size jar. I noticed that the lip is squared, which is a variant of RI-1777.

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