Friday, December 11, 2015

Fall Finds #2 2015

Another flea market prize was a rare Blanding & Blanding cylinder in an unlisted size (9-1/8”). It was my second size of this attractive bottle, now I just need one more to complete the trio!

This month's bottle club meeting produced a nice S.J. Briggs & Co. Providence, RI medicine. Most Briggs bottles have three lines of embossing, but this one just had two.

A friend gifted me a scarce Shiloh Bottling Co. Providence, RI green deco soda recently. There is a fancy clear deco bottle listed, but this one is “scaled back” a little to accommodate a label.

The fall LRBC tailgate show was a little slow, but the weather was very agreeable! I grabbed two blobs, including a Douglas Ave. Bottling Co. N. Providence, RI. While I have a small horde of these, I didn't have one with an AC monogram. The examples I have either have an O (Oates), or C (unknown). The mystery deepens!

A visit two an antique shop that recently changed owners produced a nice John E. Good Importer & Jobber Providence, RI whiskey. The listed example I have has a double sloping collar lip, while this version has a simple square collar lip. 

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