Thursday, September 28, 2017

Winter Finds #3 2017

I see more Davis Vegetable Pain Killers on ebay than almost any other RI bottle. However, when I saw one with a square prescription style lip it really got my attention! Almost 99% of Davis bottles have a signature double collar lip (a rounded disk with a smaller disk below it). Apparently one of the workers at the glass house didn't get the memo!

A digger from Westerly sold me his collection composed mostly of soda bottles he dug. Among them was a rare S.H. Farnham Westerly, RI 8” aqua blob. I've seen aqua Farnhams, but this odd size is a new one! And who would have guessed I would run into the same rare bottle at the Little Rhody show a month later!

Speaking of the Little Rhody show, I bought a Hoyt's Hiawatha Hair Restorative out of speculation. Joseph Hoyt was originally from RI but moved to NY in the 1860s. I'm almost certain that the pontiled examples of this bottle are from RI, but the smooth based ones are a toss-up.

You might laugh at me here. Perhaps one of the most mundane and common soda bottles from RI is the Bell Bottling Co. Providence, RI with bells on the shoulder. I just realized now that one version has solid bells while the other has stippled bells.

Shortly after the Rhody show is the fabled Baltimore show. I only found one dealer with some unlisted RI bottles, but it made an instant collection. I bought 6 Rumford baking powder variants. I had no clue there were that many out there! Some are minor variants, but they are definitely all different.
different embossing locations!

base embossed

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