Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spring 2012 Finds #3

This spring was quite the productive one, from digging exciting new bottles to finding subtle variation of common bottles.  Here are a few more that I noticed recently.

One of my trades from Bill Rose at the last Little Rhody Bottle Club show was a common Geo. B. Harris Centerville, RI medicine.  While quite easy to find, I noticed this one was clear.  Matching RI-343, it’s an unlisted color!  Sometimes it’s the little things.

Another unlisted common misc. bottle was a Geo. A. Peckham & Co. Grocers Supplies Providence, RI.  This faintly embossed version appears to be lacking any punctuation, which makes it a new variant.  The George A. Peckham (no & Co.) version is more common, so this might be a tough one to get.

Among a recent large haul was a couple of base embossed J. S. Hazard & Co. Newport, RI squat sodas.  While the listed version has Newport arched up, I noticed one simply had the embossing in a circle around the base.  It also had an applied lip, so it is probably an earlier version.

I also found two unlisted medicines in this haul, one being a Caswell Massey and the other a Hazard Hazard.  The Caswell Massey & Co. New York Newport example was a 2-1/4” small round wide mouth bottle, making it the smallest Massey bottle I know of.   The Hazard, Hazard & Co. Chemists New York & Newport is square with beveled corners and measures 6-1/4”.  The square bottles with beveled edges are a classic Caswell-Hazard shape. (pic of small one to come!)

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