Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Finds #2

January brought about one of my favorite events of the year.  The Little Rhody Bottle Club annual show in South Attleboro.  As the first boxes of bottles were getting unpacked, I made my first round.  The first table I checked had an interesting looking medicine on it.  My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw the embossing.  Huston’s Consumption Cure Providence, R.I.  Rhode Island cures are exceedingly rare, and to find an unlisted one like this never happens.  It gladly paid the $40 he was asking and secured my new treasure.

Remember my friend Bill who dug a few Oates Brothers blobs last week?  That wasn’t all he found.  I noticed a worn and rather old looking blob at his table, and to my excitement it was a J. Scheminger 18 Snow St. Providence, RI!  Quite a few blogs back I had bought a J.H.S. Snow St. Providence blob.  Then out of the blue I found the matching porcelain stopper.  To find this one was beyond coincidental.  When he was at 18 Snow St. he ran the Dresden Hotel. This blob is packed with embossing, including a "whoops", embossing Registered twice.

I have many George A. Peckham bottles.  It seems the slug plate engravers decided to try every variation possible by changing the punctuation.  My newest George A. Peckham Grocers Supplies Providence, RI is no exception.  This example has a period after Peckham and Providence (the latter should have been a comma). 

Another exciting find was an unlisted error version of a Barbour’s bottle.  This example was a Barbour’s Westerly & Watch Hill, RI.  The engraver for these bottles was so bad he made a total of three different errors.  But, this bottle didn’t say Nesterly or Westerly, NY.  Instead there was backwards A in Barbours.  It’s not as noticeable, but was still a nice surprise.

Recently a fellow collector from Warwick was kind enough to give me two free boxes of common bottles he was getting rid of.  Among these “commons” were three RI sodas I didn’t have, including an unlisted J.L. and P. Gannon Providence, RI.  There are no listed examples with “and” spelled out.  

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