Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Finds #3

A recent house call in Pawtucket was pretty disappointing.  For reasons unknown I paid too much and am hoping to break even.  One of the bottles was a badly damaged E.A. Gavitt Jr. Narragansett Pier, RI handmade crown top.  The listed version has a comma after Jr., so this was a minor unlisted variant. 

Another surprise from the dismal house call was a common Dr. J. Miller’s Vegetable Expectorant Providence RI.  The listed version has a comma after Providence, and this one lacks it.  Sometimes with the more common bottles these are just online errors.  The first entries in the LRBC bottle book didn’t pay as close attention to details that later became more essential to differentiate variations.  I’ll have to check my other examples in storage to confirm that both versions exist.

A recent antiquing trip though RI was unusually productive.  Among the finds were a T.M. Morris Bristol, RI machine made crown top soda.  This example was embossed on the shoulder in two merged rectangles. 

One of the more interesting finds was an unlisted Batcheors priof ABM soda.  The unusual lip is embossed “Registered Patented “Priof”.  The priof top was advertised as an alternative to the crown top.  The inventors claimed it would prevent chipping when the bottle cap was removed.  To the contrary, this style ended up chipping more often than the crown top, and was quickly discontinued.  This particular bottle dates to the 1920s.

A recent ebay purchase gave me a bottle I missed years ago at the Little Rhody Bottle Show.  It was one of the neatest RI pharmacy bottles I’ve seen, and when I came back to get it someone was walking away with it in their pocket.  It was embossed It Pays to Trade at Powells Newport, RI.  When I got my example I was excited to see it was a different version!  It had a lot of characteristics of a machine made medicine bottle.  It has a double reinforced lip, fluted shoulders, and Oz. and CC measurements.  The base is embossed Blue Ribbon, a bottle company which began in 1908.  The back of the bottle is embossed Quality on the shoulder and Purity on the heel.  It is common to find ABM bottles with only this slogan embossed.  It certainly is an interesting bottle!

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