Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Otis Collection pt. 9

I’m sorry to say this post doesn’t contain any particularly memorable unlisted bottles.  That said, hopefully something will pique your interest. 
 I would have thought that a shoulder embossed Caproni Bros. Providence, RI ABM quart would be fairly common, but it appears that is not the case!  Examples of the smaller 12oz. version are quite abundant.  Most of these shoulder embossed versions date to the late 1910s and into the 1920s.

Another new blob was from The Edward Smith Co. Bottlers Pawtucket, R.I.  While some blobs are listed, this example only had registered embossed outside the slugplate, on the shoulder as opposed to the heel on the listed version.  This was probably a beer bottle, as the company’s rectangular whiskeys are fairly common.

A J.J. Maguire Wickenden St. Providence, RI blob turned out to be an unlisted version as well.  The listed version with the HS monogram has punctuation errors, but this example does not.  I like to call this version the "money bottle", as the monogram is a dead ringer for the dollar sign.

My seventh different A.F. Cappelli Providence, RI blob was my fourth unlisted version.  The address line reads 255Atwells Ave (letters and numbers run together, and no period after Ave, which is unlisted).

A fairly common RI blob top soda is a John Prior & Co. Inc. Providence, RI.  When I saw a BIM crown top I thought something was off.  Sure enough, no crown tops are listed!

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