Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spring Finds #3

I must admit all of you must be real troopers as I trudge through minor variants of soda bottles.  Fortunately for you I have the luxury of mixing things up for you this week. 

I was happy to obtain a nice aqua blob Eagle Bottling Co. Providence, RI.  While it sounds a lot like RI-960, the monogram is clearly DC, not EBC.  There is a chance this was an error however.

There are an impressive number of amber variants of McManus & Meade Bottlers Nasonville, RI.  I was almost certain this one was listed, but RI-1273 lists Registered on the shoulder, while this bottle has it embossed directly above the slugplate.

While not rare, I had an arduous time acquiring a handmade Otis Clapp & Sons Malt & Cod Liver Oil Compund.  Upon acquiring two examples, I was again surprised to see that one had a slugplate and the other did not.  It was hard to decided which example should be the listed one, but the online picture showed an example with a slugplate, so the slug-less one was the winner.

My latest trip to the RI Antiques Mall produced a handful of bottles, but one stuck out like a sore thumb.  A large medicine embossed Clark Stanley’s Herbaline rang a bell.  First off, Clark Stanley was the same Stanley of Snake Oil fame, a very popular RI quack medicine bottle.  I had also seen a Clark Stanley’s Herbaline Catarrh Cure on ebay a while back.  There was no doubt of its provenance, and I was delighted to make it my newest addition.

A Burke Bros. Eddy St. Providence, RI blob soda with an oval slug plate got my attention.  Sure enough, I only had examples with rounds slug plates.  

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