Thursday, October 31, 2013

Late Summer Finds #2

Another bottle I got from fellow collector Zack was George A. Peckham Grocers Supplies Providence, RI.  This common bottle comes in a slew of variations, but I was still surprised to find my 10th variant.  This example has no apostrophe in Grocers, and a period after Providence.

I recently met a local excavator who had a bunch of bottles that he was looking to sell.  Among them was a Wm. E. Clarke Providence, RI Hunt’s Remedy variant.  This uncommon medicine comes in a few versions, and I noticed this particularly crude version had slanted embossing.  While it’s a push to call it a variant, I think I can get away with it. 

My favorite medicine bottle of the lot was a nice large Wm. B. Blanding Pharmacist Providence, R.I.  At 8”, it is one of the largest (and coincidentally fanciest) Blanding bottles I have seen.  The monogram is only found on one other Blanding bottle, and no examples are known to have an address on them. 

While less impressive, my third variant of the Otis Clapp & Son Inc. screw cap bottle should be mentioned.  This is the smallest one I have yet, with 1oz. embossed on the bottom.

While the tides were not ideal, I got the itch to go marsh digging recently.  After three hours of digging with minimal success, I was very excited to find an E.E. Young Druggist Wickford Pharmacy Wickford, RI.  At 4-1/8”, it was an unlisted size, and my fourth size of this bottle.  

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