Thursday, October 31, 2013

Late Summer Finds #3

This week (which was actually some time in August) was what I could only describe as a shopping blitz.  I made four day trips to all the nearby antiques malls and small shops along the way.  Some days the pickings were slim, and during others the bottles were crawling out of the woodwork!

A random yet welcome meeting with a quahogger in an antique store parking lot ended with him giving me a free box of bottles!  Most were commons, but there was one decent ACL soda, and an American Bottling Corp. Providence, R.I. ABM crown top soda.  This shoulder (and heel) embossed soda is only listed with Prov. abbreviated.

A local arts and antiques shop had a stiffly priced N. Cappelli Atwells Ave. Providence, RI crown top.  Since it was the nicest looking Cappelli I had come across, I picked it up.  There was no period after Fl (as in 11-1/2 Fl. Oz.), and a period after Providence, so it was a new version!

While browsing another antique shop, I spotted a New England Bottling Co. Westerly, RI.  While I initially thought these to be hard to find years ago, I now have 10 versions including this one.  The monogram, which is usually CH, was CDH, an unlisted variant.  It is interesting to note these are the initials of Charles D. Havens, who created Havens Bottling Works.  I believe the New England bottles predate the Havens bottles.

Another antique shop find was a nice A. Fenner Pharmacist Providence, R.I. medicine.  The only listed Fenner bottles read A.W. Fenner, and apothecary instead of pharmacist.

In the same shop I found a cute little Frank L. Powell Chemist Newport, RI medicine.  The 3-1/2” size is unlisted.

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