Thursday, November 28, 2013

Late Summer Finds #4, plus heartbreakers

As summer winds down, digging season winds up.  I still haven’t found a nearby land dump to pillage for the fall, but the shops have been keeping me satisfied.

An amber Otis Clapp & Son finally went on sale for half price, and I decided it was worth picking up.  I believe it is one of the earlier Clapp bottles, and adds to their ever-increasing diversity.

An Empire Bottling Works Bristol, RI clear quart soda slipped by me in the Otis collection.  It is almost certainly the last bottle I will add from that collection.  I have the listed green quart, but a clear one is not documented.

like this, only bigger

I debated for a while whether or not I should add a badly damaged Natick Bott. Wks. D.P. Sons Natick, RI ABM crown top to my official RI collection.  I eventually did, as it has unlisted embossing, and no ABM Natick bottles have been reported (until now!).  I will have to find one of these this fall!

The co-owner of a local antique shop always sets aside new bottles that come in for me to have a look at.  Hiding amongst a bucket of slicks (unembossed common bottles) was a gem.  A Greene’s Always Open Providence, RI in yellow amber is a hard pharmacy bottle to find.  Amber pharmacy bottles from RI are most elusive, and this unlisted 3-1/2” size is a welcome addition to the collection!

Another semi-heartbreaker was a quart size Olneyville Mineral Waters Johnston, RI BIM crown top.  These sodas are uncommon in the small size, but this is only the second quart I have seen.  This topless example will have to suffice for now.

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