Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fall Finds #4

My last antiquing run was shaping up to be a bust despite multiple stops.  In the last shop I saw a very sad looking wooden crate with some large bottles in it.  I almost did a jaw drop when I saw the first one was embossed Lobello Spring Water Prov. RI!  I have a few crown top sodas from this company, but a half gallon mineral water was unheard of.

Also in the crate was a nearly identical Rose Spring Water Providence, RI half gallon jug.  While this one is known it is rare and still unlisted.  There might be around a dozen RI mineral waters (jug-type) around, and these two are some of the best!  I gingerly carried the crumbling crate to the counter, and secured the exciting finds.

A fellow digger recently gave me an uncommon S.H. Farnam Westerly, RI quart blob soda.  I almost didn’t catch it, but when I looked at the embossing I realized it was an error!  All of the other Farnham bottles have an H in Farnham.

I bought a bunch of RI bottles really cheap from the same digger.  Among them was a Thos Grimes & Co. Providence, RI pint whiskey flask.  I have the listed half pint, but this size is new!

I love how sometimes you see a bottle you’ve never seen before, and suddenly they start appearing like magic.  Fellow collector David C. found a W.R. Greene Apothecary Providence, RI medicine recently at a dig site in Providence.  I was excited since I didn’t have a square one yet, and sure enough that same week what did I come across?  Another one!  It is a smaller size, both of which are unlisted.

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