Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fall Finds #5

A fairly unassuming RI medicine is simply marked Purogen.  I mentioned discovering that it was a product of the Wilcox Co. in Wakefield, RI back in Late Summer Finds 2012 (#1).  Since then a nice assortment of sizes and minor variations have been found (mostly dug) by local diggers.  I noticed this version has the W.T. Co. trademark on the base, and the front embossing is noticeably different.

I have come across yet another (I was tempted to add an “ugh” here) Geo. A. Peckham & Co. Grocers Supplies Providence, RI.  This one has all the correct punctuation except there is no apostrophe in Grocers and no comma after Providence.  My 13th variation!
 (picture to come)

A recent dig at a massive town dump was quite a bust.  However, on my way out, I noticed a soda bottle discarded by a previous digger.  While badly damaged, I was excited to see it was a brand new deco soda marked Drink Me, United Mineral Water Co. Providence, RI.  The United Mineral Water Co. has some machine made crown top sodas, but I never knew they created their own brand!
 PS- if it doesn't break when I clean it, I will upload a better picture!

An impromptu river wading session led to the discovery of a fun (though sometimes frustrating) river dump.  Among many broken examples, I finally found an intact J.C. Conley & Co. Phenix, RI whiskey.  Small town RI whiskeys are pretty tough to find, and this pint size was unlisted.

At the same dump I found a damaged American Bottling Co. Providence, RI handmade crown top soda.  These are a dime a dozen, at least the blob tops and machine made crown top examples are.  I was surprised to discover this example was unlisted with a crown top!

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