Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Late Summer Finds #6

I will continue with my purchase from the Westerly digger.  An W.S.N. Allan Pharmacist Newport medicine was delight to obtain.  My first example was so badly cracked a tap would probably do it in.  This mint example has all of the embossing in a banner, which makes it unlisted.

An A.L. Barbour & Co. Established 1878 Westerly medicine was another nice add.  The Barbours bottles are quite common, but those from Arthur Barbour (the founder) are hard to come by.  Interestingly, the listed example has established embossed, but lacks the 1878 date.

I recently added my third A.B. Briggs M.D. Physician & Surgeon Ashaway, RI medicine, and my fourth and fifth followed in quick succession.  The shape of this one, an oval with a flat front panel, was unlisted.

While it is getting harder to find bottles in the Providence area river, they still turn up enough to keep me coming back.  My last visit produced an N. Cappelli Atwells Ave. Providence, RI soda.  While identical to an example I have, I was excited to see that it was ABM (as opposed to my handmade example).  That makes it the only machine made N. Cappelli, and expands the age range of the company.

Another river find was a Thos. Grimes & Bros. Inc. So. Main St. Providence, RI.  This BIM crown top is listed (RI-1073.2), but when one clicks the picture link on the Little Rhody website, a blob top example is shown.  I have both versions, but I’m hopelessly confused when it comes to determining which one should be the listed version!

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