Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fall Finds #8

On my final visit to the Providence area river for the season (this was early November), braving the frigid waters rewarded me with an Antonio Gasbarro Providence, RI blob.  This unlisted version was slugplated and had a comma after Gasbarro. 

There aren’t many RI bottles from the east side of Narragansett Bay.  I was happy to acquire a T.M. Morris & Co. Bristol, RI crown top soda.  Thomas M. Morris was one of the more successful bottlers in Bristol.  There are no listed handmade crown tops with the & Co. after Morris.
Another nice crown top I got in a trade was a Girard Spring Water and Bottling Co. Prov., RI.  This nifty example has a footed base, which is unusual for a beverage bottle.  The Girard Spring Water Co. is still in business today.

A scarce blob soda from the Valley Bottling Works River Point, RI has long eluded me.  I was completely surprised when a friend of mine had an etched wine bottle from this company in his trade pile for an enamel sign I dug.  Now for the blob!

Another bottle that I had seen online was an Ochee, the Sign of Quality seltzer bottle.  This is the second RI seltzer I have found that does not have a location on it.  While not earth-shattering, it will go well with my diverse group of Ochee bottles.

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