Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Finds #1

Well, I finally caught up to the present season!  While the weather is hostile towards diggers this time of year, there are plenty of other ways to find bottles!  That's not to say I get the occasional case of cabin fever, and go out and give the frozen ground a run for its money.  Luckily I have plentiful options to keep me busy right now.

The Little Rhody Bottle Club has an annual Christmas party, and of course what is a club party without bottles?  I was happy to be gifted a J. Scheminger Providence, RI blob.  I had two examples from this unlisted bottler, and thought this was one of them until I took a closer look.  I’m proud to be the owner of this third version!

I had bought a few bottles from another club member, and one of them was a McKenna Bros. Brovidence (error), RI blob.  I didn’t realize it was an error bottle until I was holding it!  There is an error version listed, but it does not mention the embossing being on the shoulder.

Another find from the club meeting was a Jacob Wirth & Co. Prov., RI blob.  I almost automatically pass these by now that I have so many, but I noticed Registered was embossed on the back of the neck.  I had a crown top example like this, but not a blob.


It was about time for Craigslist to produce a good lead (there seems to be 2-4 per year on average), and sure enough it did!  I met a collector from Bristol, RI who was thinning out his collection.  It was an early Christmas for me, which included a handful of nice unlisted RI bottles.  A plain but still neat find was an Echo Bristol, RI ABM crown top.  The listed example of this soda has the proprietors names (Moren & Sullivan) embossed as well.

I kept my embossing error streak alive with a The Ewd. Smith Co. Patwucket, RI whiskey.  While Ewd can still work as an awkward abbreviation for Edward, I’m sure Mr. Smith wasn’t too happy with the engraver!

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