Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Finds #3

Shortly after digging season began I got brave enough to commence wading season. While it was a tad chilly, following a lead on a new spot made it well worthwhile! A Burke Bros. Providence blob was among the finds. This example with an oval slugplate, but circular embossing is a new variant.

One of my personal favorites was a Blue Rose Bottling Co. Providence blob. This company was only in business for two year. This almost clear bottle with a gray tint was an unlisted color.

A Natick Bottling Works Natick, RI BIM crown top had seen much better days, but looked different. It had the phrase “this bottle registered” on the shoulder, which is unlisted. This one definitely needs a replacement! 
Update:  Just a week after I found this example, I dug another in much better condition!  This second example is the one pictured.

A recent antiquing trip produced a Douglas Ave. Bottling Co. Providence blob. This example has erased lettering under Ave. and no period after Ave.

While digging the big dump with a few friends last month, one of them found a Cranston Mineral Water Works Cranston RI BIM crown top. I have a Cranston Mineral Water Co. bottle, which is uncommon, and this new variant was pretty exciting. It didn't take long for me to find the right bottle for him and make the trade.

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