Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spring Finds #7

Well, here I am (in April), and instead of exploiting the best digging weather of the year, I’m out chasing “cold weather” leads.  Fortunately those leads were fruitful!  I added a McKenna Bros. Providence, RI blob.  This example has a period after Providence.

My second lead promised “150 or so soda and liquor bottles”.  Well, that turned into about 250 bottles, and the price didn’t change!  Although the bottles were located in central Connecticut, there was a whole box full of Westerly, RI sodas.  To my delight that included a few rarities.  One was a King Westerly, RI quart.  Quite common in the smaller sizes, this was the first quart I have seen.

Another nice surprise was a New England Bottling Co. Westerly, RI crown top.  This nice aqua version has “8 Fluid Ounces” embossed above the slugplate.  It is a very odd place to emboss the capacity, and is consequently unlisted.

One of the rarest Westerly sodas is the Lawton Bottling Works Westerly, RI crown top.  This is a completely unlisted bottle.

Another exciting find was a Moose Head Beverages Inc. Providence pyroglazed seltzer bottle.  The Moose Head ACL (applied color label) sodas are very hard to get, and the seltzers are no exception.

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