Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Finds #1

In late June, the Little Rhody Bottle Club had a club dig at a large town dump. It was an epic experience, with two backhoes carving out nice holes to dig in. One of my favorite finds was a Narragansett Brewing Co. Famous Export Lager Providence beer. It has registered embossed on the shoulder and in the slugplate, which made it unlisted. It also turned out to be my 2000th Rhode Island bottle! It feels more like 1000, because there are still so many that I don't have!

A Property of Levin Bros. Providence, RI was in pretty rough shape with no top, but it looked different. Sure enough, it had an oval slugplate as opposed to the normal round slug plate versions.

Fellow digger Mike from NY joined the LRBC club dig, and turned up a nice aqua Chemical Industrial Co. Pharmacy Providence, RI. This company, run by R. DeAngelis, is know for their vibrant cobalt bottles. The aqua and amber examples are fairly hard to find. A bottle very similar to this one is listed, so it is possible that it was just poorly described, but for now I'm calling it unlisted.

A rectangular Caswell Massey & Co. New York and Newport medicine on ebay looked different from listed examples. Sure enough, this rectangular version was unlisted in this 6-1/4" size. Most examples are square or round.

A nice Caproni Bros. & Co. Atwells Ave. Providence, RI blob gave my Caproni Bros. family a population of 16 variants. Well, there's nothing wrong with large Italian families!

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