Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Finds #2

June's club meeting produced two nice RI medicines. One was an E.T. Luther Registered Pharmacist Onleyville, RI. There are no examples listed with “registered pharmacist” embossed.

I was happy to finally track down a true aqua Dr. White's Specialty for Diphtheria. This medicine hails from the small town of Adamsville (in Little Compton). While it is fairly common in clear, the early aqua examples are rather hard to find, and unlisted!

Well, as funny as this is, I am still adding Otis Clapp bottles! This time I was able to mix it up with something unusual. This Otis Clapp & Son Boston & Providence is a cobalt screw top jar! It didn't look spectacular on ebay, but in person it is pretty impressive!

My first official tidal river adventure of the season produced a Geneva Springs Bottling Co. No. Providence deco soda. I have this unlisted soda in aqua, but this one is clear.  You will have to forgive its appearance, I haven't finished the cleaning process!

A very common soda, I debated keeping a Star Bottling Co. Pawtucket, RI crown top. After I scrubbed off all the black river gunk, I saw it was an unlisted aqua example. Ok, it stays!

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