Monday, November 24, 2014

Summer Finds #5

A while ago I mentioned the discovery of a brand new RI Codd botte. The Ashworth & Jackson X.L.C.R. Mineral Water Co. Lonsdale, RI instantly took a place as one of the top RI bottles. I wasn't sure what would become of it, but when the digger who found it told me it was going on ebay, I figured it was all or none. It wasn't cheap, but was worth every penny!

I recently acquired my third The T.F. Donahue Co. Providence, RI liquor bottle in a trade. This well worn example has a crown top, which is unlisted.

Ebay is full of surprises, and I almost passed one by! I saw a neat C.E. Hornberger Rx for Malaria medicine, and thought it was neat because of the malaria reference. I was trying to think of why the name sounded familiar, and of course, it was a Providence druggist! After a nervous week of waiting, I put in a good bid and it made its way to my mailbox.

In a box of mostly common and unembossed medicines, I finally obtained my first S.J. Briggs & Co. Providence, RI medicine bottle. While Briggs bottles are not rare, they have eluded me for quite some time. This version is an unlisted size at 3-1/2”.

In the same box was a John Metzger Apothecary Providence, RI. This square version is unlisted!

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