Friday, January 9, 2015

Fall Finds #5

At the last bottle club meeting an avid digger brought in a real attention-grabber. A J.A. Feeley Providence, RI medicine with an embossed eagle never left my hands. There are a handful of RI medicines with embossed eagles, but they are all hard to find. I was even more surprised to find out it was an unlisted pharmacist! There is a P.J. Feeley (likely his father) listed who also had embossed eagles on his bottles.

A trio of hard to find Otis Clapp & Son Homepopathic Pharmacy Providence medicines was too good to pass up. I have two versions of this early Otis Clapp bottle, and now I have four! A 2-3/4” small size was unlisted.

The other was embossed Otis Clapp & Son Homeo Pharmacy. This abbreviated Homeo version was also unlisted.

An excavator posted a group of bottles on Craigslist that he dug up. One was a McKenna Bros. Providence blob. This example has an oval slugplate and a different style monogram.

My Cranston connection came through with a nice hard to find blob. A Ruhland & Co. Cranston turned out to be an unlisted version. Lewis Ruhland bottles are uncommon, and Ruhland & Co. examples are even harder to find.

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