Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter Finds #1

Well, it is officially winter, a season that some may call the slowest season for bottle collector/ diggers.  Thankfully a good portion of January has been mild enough to keep the ground digable,  so I have dug a few times, and was even crazy enough to jump in a salt marsh too!  Even with the snow, ebay and bottle shows help break up the monotony.  Here are some of my first finds of the season.

A friend of mine recently came across a Geo. H. Lees Prescription Pharmacist Providence, RI medicine at a yard sale. Despite my protest, he insisted on giving it to me as a gift! It's a beautiful completely unlisted medicine, and I'm very grateful for it!

I dug an unusual bottle marked Magic Atomizer at the city dump during my last visit. I was about to write it off as a generic piece, but a quick Google search produced an old catalog show the Davol Rubber Co's selection of magic atomizers. The rubber part has been through the ringer, but it looks like a match!
1893 catalog, see bottom picture
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I grabbed an Oliver Johnson & Co. Wholesale Druggists Providence medicine off ebay, which is not normal for me since these are usually common. This example did not have the usual sunken front panel, and was a nice larger size.

What does one do when you are close to running out of variants of the prolific Otis Clapp & Son bottles? How about throwing in a dose cup for good measure? Not only is this a nice scarce piece, but it is embossed Boston & Providence, making it a two state dose glass.

I made some good buy's at this year's annual Little Rhody Bottle Club show, but they were mostly listed. A Rosseau & Brown the Rexall Store Woonsocket, RI was listed, but it was an unlisted size at 5-3/4”.

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