Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter Finds #2

After missing an example on ebay a few years ago, a Dr. Hopkins Magic Healing Powder Providence, RI with a footed base has been one of my most wanted RI medicine bottles. Well, one finally turned up! It was a little dinged up, but I didn't complain. The other two examples in this fancy shape I have seen were embossed Magic Gold Dust, so I think this is the harder to find version.

A fellow club member listed a scarce Geo. E. Greene Pharmacist Hope Valley, RI medicine on ebay that I easily won. I was excited because it was an unlisted shape (rounded back and 3 flat front panels). That makes it my 6th Greene bottle!

On my trip back from the Little Rhody Bottle Club show, I was dead tired and not in the mood to hit a few shops on the way home. I forced myself to check one antique shop, and was quite happy I did! I found a nice quart Echo Bristol, RI crown top soda. This is the only known quart size Echo bottle.

An antique dealer who just opened a shop recently told me he had a box of soda bottles for me to look through. Most were from the same company, but there were a few different examples mixed in. One was an Antonio Gasbarro Providence, RI blob. With commas after Gasbarro and Providence, it's a new variant and my 10th Gasbarro bottle. 

Another surprise was an unlisted Roger Williams Bottling Co. Cranston, RI BIM crown top. I was pretty sure I had all of the Roger Williams bottles, but I guess I was wrong! This one had a narrow body and round slugplate, making it my 14th variant.

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