Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Show Finds

This post includes more of my Baltimore show finds. One of my favorite additions was a D.G. Hall iron pontiled soda. I have an example with a blob style top, but this one had a tapered collar lip. When the seller offered it to me at less than half the asking price, I couldn't say no!

I was gifted a J. Fred Gibson Co. Providnence, RI medicie with a badly damaged lip. I was surprised to discover it was an unlisted 5-1/2” size. The Gibson family grows!

Another common druggist found was a Geo. L. Claflin & Co. Wholesale Druggists Providence, RI. The “wholesale druggist” bottles are of an earlier vintage, and at 5” this one was unlisted.

While technically not an unlisted bottle, a Dyer's Healing Embrocation Provce, RI did look different than the example I have. This one had a hinge mold and crudely rolled lip, just missing the pontil age. My other example had a circlular mold indentation on the base (slightly newer style) and a rather neat looking lip. It can be fascinating to see how these bottles progressed!

In a tie for my favorite bottle from the show is a Davis Vegetable Pain Killer, pontiled with a rolled lip! Roughly one in every 50 pontiled Davis bottles has a rolled lip, making it pretty rare. I was pretty excited to add this unlisted variant.

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