Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Finds #1

I happened upon an A.F. Cappelli 265 Atwells Ave. Providence, RI crown top on ebay recently. The Cappelli bottles are pretty common, but I noticed the address was 265, not the usual 255. It turns out this was the last address he used before going out of business. It's about as close as you can get to a rare Cappelli bottle!

I was retaking pictures of some of my older bottles, and by pure chance discovered I had a variant I never caught! A Frank P. Casey North Smithfield, RI amber blob had “This Bottle / Not to / Be Sold” embossed on the back of the bottle. This listed example has that embossing on the back heel of the bottle. I now have four different amber Casey bottles!

Otis Clapp & Son bottle #45 turned out to be my biggest one yet! At and intimidating 24oz., 8-3/4” it beat out the 8” runner up.

One of my favorite RI screw cap bottles are embossed Sunlight Bleach Phillipsdale, RI. Appearing in a variety of colors, I added my 4th color, light aqua. Now I just need the apple green and olive green!

After an unbearably long and cold winter, I was finally able to punch through the thinning layer of frost and dig some bottles! One of the first prizes of the year was a Purizone, Made by Washburn Purizone Co. Providence, RI. This is a rare household (disinfectant) bottle. Listed at 5-3/8”, this was an unlisted 6-3/4” size!

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