Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Winter Finds #4

I recently acquired a few RI blobs from a fellow collector from New York. My favorite one was a Roberts & Hunter 135 Pine St. Providence, RI. Completely unlisted RI blobs are hard to find, so this one was an exciting discovery!

Another unlisted one was a California Wine Co. Providence, RI aqua ABM blob. It is listed in clear, but not aqua.

The last new one from the lot was a Geo. M. Christoph & Co. Cranston, RI blob. This one has a M.G. monogram, which stands for Michael Gruntmeyer, one of the owners of the company. The only listed examples had an E.H. monogram, and one with an M.O., possibly an error.

I went to the Baltimore Bottle Show for the first time this March, and it was quite the event! Easily the biggest show on the east coast, I found quite a few RI bottles to take home. One was a Hazard, Hazard & Co. Chemists NY & Newport. This example has no punctuation, as opposed to the listed version.

One seller had a total of four different Rumford jars, so I had an instant collection! While not rare, these apparently come in quite a few sizes and variations. Two are base embossed, and two are shoulder embossed. 

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