Friday, June 12, 2015

Spring Finds #2

I was casually checking some auction sites before going to work one day, and discovered that Norm Heckler was having a live auction that day. One lot caught my attention, and it was quickly followed by dismay. Alas, I was going to be at work! However, I “knew a guy” who might be going, and sure enough he was! He agreed to put in a bid for me, and he won! I was the proud owner of an E. Jenckes colored squat soda. I had only recently found out that this was from Ezra Jenckes of Providence. Now I thought this was going to be an upgrade for my damaged sand pontiled example, but it wasn't pontiled! I ended up pretty excited to have a new variant of an already rare soda.

If the Jenckes soda wasn't good enough, lightning struck twice! Someone listed a S.J. Esten squat soda on ebay last week. Samuel J. Esten was a bottler from Providence, and happened to use the same block letter embossing that Jenckes used. While the Little Rhody Bottle Club website has a history of Mr. Esten, it does not list any of his bottles.

Two weeks ago I had a less than memorable start to the weekend. A broken glass left me with five stitches and scrapped plans for a dig that day. Still determined, I felt well enough to check out a nearby yard sale. I was rewarded with a M.S. Horgan Newport, RI crown top liquor bottle. The only example listed is a blob, so this one is new!

One of my favorite ebay sellers listed a H.N. Hassard & Co. Newport, RI quart blob on ebay, and I knew I had to get it. I have seen two examples of this rare unlisted bottle, and while one was overpriced, I let the other one get away. Not this time though! It is the only quart size blob from Newport.

Since moving to Providence I have had some time to look through my collection and clean some of the bottles that went straight from the ground to boxes. I was surprised to see a common Hebe bottle was a new variant! Embossed The Hebe Co. 32oz. Prov. RI, the listed examples have 28oz. embossed. 

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