Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spring Finds #4

At the last club meeting, our club president brought a bunch of labeled bottles he bought in a lot. Most were common and unembossed. I saw a nice labeled medicine from Pascoag, RI, and thought it was pretty cool. I went back again, flipped it over, and was amazed to see it was embossed Miller's / Pharmacy (sides) / Pascoag, RI (back). There is a listed Miller's Pharmacy bottle, but it has front embossing. Even with a high price tag, I couldn't pass it up!

I went digging last month at a well-worn dump. You have to dig 6 feet down to get anywhere, and after two hours, I had only found one milk. I moved to the edge of the dump, and saw a soda just lying on the surface. It was an American Bottling Corp. W. Exchange St. Providence. I guess someone forgot to take it home! This smaller BIM crown top version is unlisted. 

Digging a little further, I found another American Bottling Corp. W. Exchange St. Providence soda. This one was identical to the last, but instead of being BIM, it was ABM. They make a nice pair!

I have found a few Eclipse Food Products Corp. Providence, RI, but never took one home. The amber base embossed screw cap just never appealed to me. I eventually realized these bottles are an important part of Rhode Island history, as the originators of coffee syrup. So, here it is!
 (picture to come)

A return to a river dump had me anticipating broken bottles, as it appears almost all the bottles were broken prior to disposal. Sure enough, a Caproni Bros. & Co. Prov. RI etched wine showed up with no top. Thankfully the break is even, making it a good candidate for repair.

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