Friday, October 23, 2015

Summer Finds #3 2015

A Massachusetts digger recently unearthed an O. Sumner & Son Pharmacists Providence medicine. It got me pretty excited, because the ornate design on the front was unlike any other RI medicine I have seen. We agreed on a price, and soon I was the proud owner of the nicest Sumner bottle!

A friend tipped me off to a dam in West Warwick that was being worked on. The river had dropped a few feet, exposing all sorts of goods. The only blob I found was a typically common W.H. Arnold Riverpoint, RI. However, this one has sloping shoulders, which no listed variants have. Despite being damaged, it was a neat find.

A scarce Newport medicine popped up on ebay recently, and I was on it like a flea on a dog. I came away with an unlisted variant Geo. A. Wood Chemist Newport, RI. The listed version has the embossing in script, while this one is just plain block letters.

A few weeks ago I dug a Puritan Bottling Co. Providence, RI. I certainly had some déjà vu when I found one at a new dump I was digging. All of the sodas were broken besides this one, which had damage. Unlike my other example, this one has punctuation including a random period after Bottling.

A recent yard sale produced a Rosseau & Brown Druggists Woonsocket, RI medicine. It is one of my favorite prescription bottle shapes, round with a flat front panel. There is a Rosseau & Brown listed in this shape, but it is also embossed Rexall, which this one is not!

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