Monday, December 21, 2015

Fall Finds #5 2015

The November club meeting was a fun one, and while I didn't buy much, one was all I needed! An Edward Mee & Son Woonsocket, RI whiskey easily stole the show. A rare bottle as a blob top, a whiskey has never been documented. Add a bunch of embossing to the slugplate, and you have one of the nicest looking Woonsocket bottles I've ever seen!

A constructions site that backed up to the railroad had a promising vein of ash in the back corner. It turned out to be a 1910s dump, and soon ABM ketchups and whiskeys were erupting from the ground. Thankfully that wasn't all I found. A Burke Bros. Providence, RI crown top beer made things interesting. I have seen the shoulder slugplate style on other RI bottles, but not a Burke Bros.!

A prodigal return to a very rewarding Providence construction site dump was well worth the effort. I had previously given up on the place, but when I opened a nice deep hole where I left off, it turns out there was more to be had! A Wm. K. Reynolds Providence, RI was the first prize of the day. The only version known has a fancy shield design on the front. While not as fancy, this one is just as exciting to find!

Next up was a H.I. Hough Drug Store Olneyville, RI with an embossed bird! It was a wonderful case of deja vu, as I had found a larger size of this bottle here as well. This smaller size was unlisted!

Perhaps not as exciting, I was still surprised to see a Davol Nurser Providence, RI show up on ebay in an unlisted size. It is only one of two known nursing bottles from RI.

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