Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Finds #2 2016

I recently had the honor of being offered a collection of almost 300 RI soda and beer bottles.  A former club president was thinning out his collection, and there was no way I would pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity.  The majority of the bottles were listed, but there were also a good number of unlisted bottles as well!

I was surprised to see an E.E. Ferrin Prov. RI etched blob. I found one a few years back, and to my knowledge it was the only example known. This one however, is an older aqua blob. I was confused at first because Ferrin was only a bottler for one year (1899), but then I realized he had simply used whatever unembossed blobs he could find.

I was even more surprised to see another John Scheminger Providence, RI blob. This bottler is completely unlisted on our website, but I have three different bottles from him. I certainly did not expect to see a fourth, but hey, the more the merrier!

Of course there had to be another variant! This one is cryptically embossed 119 Snow St. JHS (in cross) Prov, RI. My first example had a similar design, but the address wasn't the first thing embossed in the slugplate.

One surprise bottle found its way into the lot. Simply embossed “Arabian”, this bottle held Arabian (Coffee Syrup) from Grants Mills, RI. Since coffe milk is the official state beverage of RI, this bottle is a pretty neat piece of history!

A Geo. M. Christoph & Co. Cranston, RI crown top was a first for me. I have only seen blobs from Christoph. Also, the J.E. Monogram was one I have never seen before.

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