Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Winter Finds #5 2016

Ah yes, the nearly omnipotent Property of Providence Bottling Co. Providence, RI is back again! This is the script blob example that has periods after Good and Registered.

While the Providence versions are very common, the Louis H. Meyer Olneyville, RI blobs can be quite tricky to come by. This one is listed as RI-1305, but at 9-1/2” is an unlisted size. The listed example is 9”.

A McKenna Bros. Providence, RI blob turned out to be an unlisted version of an unlisted version. Pardon my redundancy. This blob has an oval slugplate, which is unlisted. I have an example with an oval slugplate, but the monogram design is different, and there is no period after Bros.

A familiar looking Thos. Grimes & Bro. Inc. Providence, RI blob was not quite what it seemed. Almost identical to RI-1071, it has a comma after Providence which 1071 lacks.

Significantly harder to find than the Thos. Grimes, a W.H. Grimes Co. Pawtcket, RI crown top. This is the only Grimes blob/crown to have Co. on it. Additionally North and Street are spelled out too.

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