Monday, June 6, 2016

Spring Finds #7 2016

Have you ever been told about a dump and thought to yourself “sure, I'll check it out someday”? Well, over 5 years ago a friend told me about a dump in northern RI. It was a little too far for my liking, and it sounded like it was dug out. Well, I was wrong! I finally made it there with another digger, and the place was massive. You could tell it was dug for years, but there was still a lot left. Right away I found a rare small town medicine embossed Walter B. Peck Pharmacist Lonsdale, RI. It was an unlisted large size, so the hunt was on!

Shortly afterwards I found a W.E. Wilson Pharmacist Lonsdale, RI. This one was completely unlisted. Even though it was damaged, I was thrilled to find it.

A Craigslist ad led me to a Jones & Davis Central Falls medicine. While these are documented, this was an unlisted 6” size.

On our second trip back to the northern RI dump, I found a W.H. Boardman Pharmacist Lonsdale, RI medicine. These are listed, but not this giant 8-1/2” size. While it was so damaged that it was barely in one piece, it's worth hanging on to until I find one in better shape.

A fellow digger gave me a bottle he recently found embossed Knowlton's Pharmacy Olneyville, RI. I must say it brought back memories, because a Knowlton's was one of the first unlisted medicines I ever acquired! This one was damaged, but a new 4” size.
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