Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Summer Finds #6 2016

Continuing with the lot of free bottles, next up is a nice Bare Rock Spring Soda Co. Centredale, RI crown top. This aqua one has a C on the base, and is 8oz. as opposed to the listed one that is 7-1/2oz.

Two is better than one! This clear example Bare Rock Spring Soda Co. Centredale, RI crown top is identical to the example above, only differing in color and having a slugplate.

I was going through some of my old sodas looking for extras to sell, when I made a surprise discovery! One of my Havens Bottling Works Westerly, RI was unlisted! I have seen so many of them that I almost write them off now. This example has no slugplate.

A small antique shop was toting an unlisted slug plates McManus & Meade Western Hotel Nasonville, RI soda, but it was not cheap. I was able to get a small discount, but if I only knew! A mere two weeks later, a friend of mine dug one and I traded him for it.

It is becoming a rather rare occasion for me to make the journey to northeastern Connecticuit's antique shops, but this time it paid off! I got a rare B.E. Dewey Apothecary Pascoag, RI in a smaller size than my other example! Two sizes of a completely unlisted small town med? Not an easy feat!

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