Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Summer Finds #8 2016

Seeing a completely unlisted RI bottle on ebay never fails to get me excited. This time it was a LeValley & Vanasse Pharmacists Arctic Centre, RI. I have never heard of this company, and apparently they were only in business for about 2 years.

I finally found a nice undug dump in northwestern RI! A “big” heartbreaker was a quart whiskey embossed American Grocery & Tea Co. Pawtucket, RI. This company has a listed crown top soda/liquor bottle, but not a whiskey! Sadly this fella has a hole in it, but I might never see another one.

I got my third base embossed G.L.C. & Co. (Geo. L. Claflin) from the same dump. This one is a “true oval” shape.

The shop I visited in my last post also had a beautiful Miller's Pharmacy Pascoag, RI. I had just acquired one of these last month, and surprise! This is an unlisted smaller 4-1/4” size. Awesome.

A collector from Cape Cod came across a very scarce blob embossed T.M. Morris Bristol, RI. I actually consider these to be fairly common with crown tops, but this is only the second blob I have seen from Mr. Morris, and they were both different.

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