Friday, January 6, 2017

Summer Finds #10 2016

Well it has been a while!  I must apologize for the hiatus, I was busy going out and digging for bottles, and in my state of bliss neglected this wonderful blog.  I guess it's time to play catch up!  Let's get to it, shall we?

At a club meeting I picked up a United States Bottling Co. Providence, RI blob.  Normally sporting a nice embossed eagle on the shoulder, this example had no eagle, and surprise!  That was unlisted.

Also from the meeting was a beautiful John E. Potter Pharmacist Providence, RI medicine.  This was a rather ornate example, with embossing in a ribbon, a scale and a mortar and pestle.  Add that all together and presto!  An undocumented variant.

A collector of RI bottles from a certain city recently found a box of bottles he forgot he had, and boy was it a jackpot!  Almost all of the bottles were unlisted.  A John E. Good Importer Providence, RI quart whiskey was the first one to surface.  This bottle is only listed in smaller sizes.

A familiar face was a Wm. Boardman Pharmacist Lonsdale, RI.  It was yet another unlisted size at 4-7/8".
picture coming!

Another familiar bottle was an S.W. Himes & Co. Pharmacists Phenix, RI.  At 4-1/2" it was also an unlisted size.

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