Friday, June 9, 2017

Fall Finds #6 2016

The Keene show never fails to produce some rare bottles. I was pretty excited to find a J. Harvey & Co. Providence, RI emerald green squat blob. Normally found with block letter embossing, this is a harder to find version, and in green it was unlisted!

I was able to win a Byron A. Smith Olneyville, RI etched dose cup. We haven't started to list etched dose cups yet, but I think soon that will change!

A friend of mine decided to part with some of her RI bottles. Among them was a C.S. Thomas Providence, RI medicine. It is poorly described online, so I can't say for sure if it unlisted.

Also in the lot was a fancy E.F. Mattison Providence, RI medicine. The address 277 Westminster was not listed online.

I have a bunch of Girard bottles, but not this one! An early ABM Girard Spring Water & Bottling Co. N. Providence, RI has been holding out on me. No longer! I dug a damaged one, and coincidentally a friend listed one on ebay.

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