Thursday, September 28, 2017

Spring Finds #1 2017

I was excited to see a pair of Earnshaw Drug Co. East Greenwich, RI medicines on ebay. I had to do a double take when I got them, as they were both different! For a rare bottle like these, it's pretty surprising to get two different versions in one fell swoop.

I spotted a clear 10” Phosa soda in a dump a few months ago. The only problem? It was frozen solid in the ground. My friend went back when the ground thawed to get it for me. I'm pretty sure my Phosa collection is complete now!

I met a collector from northern RI, and got a nice Martin Soda Works Woonsocket, RI quart soda. It took me a second to realize the listed example said Martin's and this one was just Martin. Nice!

I have a bunch of Havens Bottling Works Westerly, RI but the quarts are harder to find. I picked up this one not knowing it was unlisted. That's the kind of surprise I like!

Another nice Brimfield find was a McKenna Bros. 52, 56 Eagle St. Providence, RI. All the examples I have say 52, 54 Eagle St. so this must have been after a little expansion!

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