Thursday, January 4, 2018

Spring Finds #4 2017

My friend who dug the broken Morris soda was still finding quite a few sodas including a deco style Royal Club / Royal Carbonating Co. Providence, RI. While I'm familiar with the company I've never seen a deco soda from them. Color me excited!

And he also found a undamaged (no surprise) T.M. Morris Bristol, RI crown top. It's a minor embossing variant to add to my sizable Morris family!

Another collector called me about a blob he picked up, a pint sized Rhode Island Diamond Spring Pawtucket, RI blob. I have a quart size and squat size, but they pint is the hardest to come by, and consequentially unlisted.

From the shop that had the Lavell Jr. blob also came a D. Miller & Co. Wines & Liquors Prov. RI blob. I had to take a picture of it and compare it to what I had, and the abbreviate Prov was not listed.

A local ebayer turned up a Rhode Island Bottling Co. Prov, RI blob. While my collection of these is nearly complete, this one has no comma after Prov.

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