Thursday, January 4, 2018

Summer Finds #2 2017

The most exciting bottle from the river digger was a pontiled Burrington's Genuine Croup Syrup Providence, RI. The Burringtons are hard to find pontiled, and this version embossed Genuine I have only heard of one other!

Another big ebay surprise was a Central Bottling Co. Arctic, RI soda. I had dug a shard of one of these and it became the rarest known Arctic soda. I was thinking it might take me a decade or more to track down a whole one but I got a lucky break!

Also in the lot was a Walter Price & Co. Pure Drugs Westerly, RI. These early Price bottles are harder to find and this is an unlisted 6-3/4” size.

Another nice medicine was a Barbour's 18 Broad St. Westerly, N.Y. While not a rare error, it's always fun to find one, and this larger 7-1/4” size is also unlisted!

The last exciting find was a King Westerly, RI green quart soda. Most King bottles are common, but the quarts are scarce, and you almost never see Kings in green. 

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