Thursday, January 4, 2018

Summer Finds #3 2017

A midsummer antiquing run produced a clear Esmond Spring Soda Works Esmond, RI soda. I have one in green which is unlisted, and so is this one!

Also present was an old friend, a Bare Rock Spring Bottling Co. Graniteville, RI soda. I had seen this exact bottle a few years ago at a tailgate show. The person who found it wasn't sure if he wanted to sell it so I didn't press him. Like the Esmond bottle, I have one in green so this one completed the set!

I'm usually very good at searching through box lots I buy, so you can imagine my surprise when I found a Greene's Always Open Providence, RI in a box of junkers! This base embossed example is unlisted.

A fellow collector who was moving packed up his collection and weeded out a few extras. Among them was a S.J. Briggs & Co. Druggists Providence, RI. At 6-3/4” it's an unlisted size!

Just when I thought I saw them all, here's another Mt. Hope Distilling Co. Providence, RI. There are so many variants can I just say this one is hopefully the last?
(picture coming)

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