Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Finds #1 2016

At long last, spring has arrived!  Well, after two more snow storms, I can't say I was completely convinced, but the ground isn't going to freeze, so it's open season!

The Enfield, CT show is a small yet fun show that heralds the end of Winter. I was ablet to meet a collector who was kind enough to sell me his unlisted Westminster Hotel Chas. Leonhardt Providence, RI whiskey. Not only is it unlisted, but it is the only flask from RI embossed with a hotel name!

Another bottle from the “mega blob” collection was a Providence Brewing Co. Providence, Rhode Island crown top. I pretty much figured I had it, but when I cross-examined it, surprise! It was an oval slugplate, while my versions have round slugplates.

One of my favorite additions from the giant blob collection was a completely unlisted Frank Cardullo & Michael Corigliano Admiral St. Providence, RI. It's the only RI blob that has two bottlers with their names spelled out completely, and the address is local to me!

Ah yes, another minor McKenna & Conaty Providence variant! This one has a monogram variation.

My size run from the most successful drugstore in Pawtucket just got bigger! I added my 5th size of the rectangular Fisk & Co. Druggists Pawtucket, RI medicine. Measuring 5-1/4", it is unlisted.

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