Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Finds #2 2016

While former RI bottle collector extraordinaire Al Otis no longer collects bottles, he still has his game! He spotted a construction site in Cumberland with bottles lying all over the place. Needless to say it was a field day! A mega crier Paterson Bros. & Co. Valley Falls, RI medicine was still fun to find. This 8” behemoth has different embossing than the listed Paterson bottles.

Another exciting find was my first P.J. Gaskin Valley Falls, RI medicine. Well, make that two! I found the listed 3-1/2” size, as well as an unlisted 6” size.

Perhapst the biggest surprise in the dump was a completely unlisted Redman & Sands Pawtucket, RI medicine. Shaped like a common Fletcher's Castoria, it gave me quite the surprise when I read the embossing!

The last bottle from the mega blob collection is one of the best! It's a McManus & Meade Nasonville, RI amber blob! Now McManus & Meade amber crown tops are pretty common, but blobs? This is the first one I've seen! There is a McManus blob listed, but it says Western Hotel on it, which this one does not.

One of the most common RI medicine bottles around is the famous Dr. Hayne's Arabian Balsam Providence. If it wasn't for their appealing 12-sided shape I would have grown sick of them a long time ago. All of the handmade examples (except for a large size) are aqua, so when I saw a clear one it was certainly a surprise!

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