Friday, April 15, 2016

Winter Finds #10 2016

I'm back!  I'm sorry to keep you waiting on one of my inexplicable hiatuses, but rest assured, I'm ok, the bottles are fine, so let's get back to it! 

One of my favorite mystery dealers at a local antique shop delivered yet again! I spotted an embossed aqua blob, and to my delight it was embossed M.S. Horgan Newport, RI. I have two M.S. Horgan bottles, one crown top and one blob, but they are both clear. This is an unlisted earlier example. Since aqua blobs from Newport are pretty hard to score, I gladly picked this one up despite the high sticker price.

In a recent trade with another collector, I was finally able to obtain a G.E.B. Fairbanks 394 Wickenden St. Providence, RI medicine. I had allowed two of these to slip past my fingers over the years, and as an added bonus the address was unlisted! G.E.B. Fairbanks was succeeded by his son, G.W. Fairbanks.

While not exactly a new unlisted bottle, I don't think I have covered it before in my blog. On occasion in dumps from the late 1930s-early 1940s I have dug a base embossed Warwick Club Ginger Ale Co. soda bottles. I have always suspected they were Drink Speedball, the orange soda, but haven't been able to confirm it until now!

Recently a fellow collector and I purchased a massive collection of bottles, mostly consisting of amber blobs. There were about two boxes of RI bottles, and that included a Prophet Spring Co. Providence, RI seltzer. While nothing fancy, it's uncommon and unlisted!

The same collector above has been thinning out his own collection, and he sold me my second version of the Warwick Club Ginger Ale Co. seltzer. Similar to my other example, they are both different.

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